Connecting International Capital to U.S. Realty Opportunities

Benefits Of Investing

From the perspective of our investors, who are based outside the U.S., investing per the Polaris model provides the following six advantages:

  • Attractive risk-adjusted returns, resulting from the favorable fundamentals of the U.S. Multifamily (MF) and Student Housing (HS) sectors
  • Control over the investment's major decisions: acquisition, debt, capital expenditures, yearly operating budget, & disposition
  • Total avoidance of management & operational responsibilities; the U.S. operator is responsible for all operations
  • Access to very favorable acquisition & refinance debt, with no recourse to the investor
  • Direct investments (i.e. no blind pool of funds)
  • Partnering with an experienced corporate U.S. partner (the MF operator) who invests equity in the deal

Control over the investment's major decisions, including yearly operating budget, capital expenditures, & disposition