Connecting International Capital to U.S. Realty Opportunities

Investment Opportunities

Locations of investments that our investors have closed: Atlanta, Austin, Charlotte, Dallas, Daytona, Gainesville, Houston, Jacksonville, Lexington, Newark, Orlando, San Antonio, Tampa, Washington DC

The main attributes of our opportunities are as follows:

  • Located in the U.S. Southeast, Mid-Atlantic & Texas
  • Class B or C
  • Between 200-800 apartments
  • Stable or value-add
  • Acquired using debt at 65-75% of price
  • Capitalization ranging from $20M - $200M
  • Investor capital ranging from $5M - $50M

Investors have different perspectives & investment requirements; in addition, their perspectives & requirements, which may evolve over time. We are keenly aware that a proper 'fit' between the investor and operator and opportunity is critical to achieving success.

We remain in close touch with our investors and aware of their evolving requirements, in order to bring forth operators and opportunities having a close 'fit' with the investor at any point in time.

Investment Opportunities that fit the investors' current perspective & requirements